Welcome Cherished One


Did you know your most aligned, vibrant. Loving Self lies within you right now? You have the power to harness vibrational wellness, ignite conscious relationships, and expand your capacity to hold life's experiences.


I am a yoga therapist in Indianapolis with over 1,000 hours of yoga training and a decade of teaching experience. I hold a Master of Science in Yoga Therapy degree and Yoga Alliance 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training certification from Maryland University of Integrative Health.


My passion is guiding women and female-bodied people to assert their birthright for rest and resilience through womanhood, biological and archetypal motherhood, and beyond.

Please allow me to guide you through this Womb Meditation to meet you where you are right here, right now. And let me know how I can support you on your birth and womanhood journey.

Womb Altar MeditationKelsey Kraemer
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