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kokoon • doula support
a space to receive, empower, and grow.

Birth Support

Birth is the most profound rite of passage. Preparing yourself and exercising your inner discernment & intuition sets you up for your unique and beautiful birth experience. Together we will explore birth options, devise a birth plan, explore the phases of birth, and prepare your body, mind, and spirit for the journey. I'm here to advocate for your needs and desires throughout all stages of pregnancy, labor, and delivery.


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Postpartum Support

Postpartum is a sacred time of rest, healing, and bonding with your baby. Belly wrapping, Abhyanga massage, sitz baths, pelvic steaming, mother warming, consuming nourishing foods, creating sacred boundaries, and asserting your needs for healing all set you up for vitality as you are tended to during the fourth trimester.

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Full Spectrum Support

Unplanned pregnancy, termination, and miscarriage are delicate journeys that require exquisite care. I'm here to support your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs every step of the way.

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